What is TOOG?

The best way to learn and love English is to apply it in your daily life. 

If you also like to travel, meet new people and want to speak or improve your English language skills, then we are here to help you! 

Join TOOG classes and you will have the opportunity to practice your speaking skills more often than before.

Learning English is not a solo activity, as a person develops their speaking skills best by communicating with others.

THE JOY OF TALKING: The best way you can fall in love with English and learn to use your English language knowledge is by talking to other people. That way, when you need to start a conversation at work, school, on a trip or meeting some foreign guests in your city, you can. And, most importantly, you’ll feel free.

TOOG STAFF: We offer people the opportunity to practice their speaking skills in the presence of experienced leaders who are also the TOOG topic creators. They are the capable young people Linda and Filips, who are in love American English, Juris, a Latvian born in Australia, Fiona, who is an Englishwoman living in Latvia, and Ieva, who is the author of the TOOG English language idea. In this way you will have the opportunity to hear and get used to different dialects of the English language.

LANGUAGE DEVELOPMENT:  We create topic materials that you can use to develop your reading skills, vocabulary, listening skills, and pronunciation.

You simply have to start talking, and believe in yourself, you will talk; and best of all, you will feel more and more free.

Like all trees, a giant toog tree starts off small and slowly grows bigger over the years. The same as us - people!